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Wedding Photography Training and Mentoring Programme

Always wanted to become a wedding photographer but don't know where to start?

Searched online and found courses are too vague and too expensive, and too far away?

Maybe your photography is great but you lack confidence in shooting a wedding, after all there are no second chances.

Wondering how to build photography website? How to market it? 

Wondering which album manufacturer to go for but want some independent advice? 

wedding photography training



if any of the above sounds like you..  then you may have found just what your looking for..  read on...


You can buy driving lessons on a pay as you go basis, you learn at your own speed, the lesson is tailored to suit your ability, and then once your ready of you go..  ( after a test, hopefully ) 

But this doesn't seem to be an option with photography, you either join an evening course at a local college and learn how to develop a Black and White Film - Yes really, even in 2013, or you take a one day or longer course wich costs you an arm and a leg and you come away revved up and full of inspiration but then wonder what next. How are you going to make a business from a couple of days experience of shooting professional models pretending to be brides?

Well lets change the status quo !!!


Lets face it your not going to become a seasoned wedding photographer overnight, succesfull  wedding photographers have spent years learning their craft, building their portfolios and expanding their client base. So heres the deal..

  • A Bespoke wedding photography course - designed just for you, set to your level and pace of learning.
  • One to one, personal tuition and mentoring for as long as your on the course.
  • From one hour a week to one day a week. You decide how you want to learn.


Below is a list of some of the possible areas we will cover together, wich and what we will cover is up to you, pick as many areas you need to know about. Dont worry, if the list looks endless, we will have a good chat and work out a plan of action together. The initial meeting to form a plan is free of charge.


Camera bags 

Digital storage and Back-up

Getting the right exposure

Setting aperture
Altering the shutter speed
Understanding ISO
How aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together
Other manual controls

Tripods and their importance

Types of lenses
Vantage points and how they affect your photo
Lines, curves, and shapes in your photographs
The importance of foreground interest
Rule of thirds
How background imagery influences your photos

The different types of lighting
The reflection of light
Outdoor lighting - sunlight
Recommended equipment for outdoor lighting
Introduction to indoor lighting
Photographing indoors – the technical issues

Why you need a digital dark room

Lightroom Skills

Photoshop Skills
Correcting imperfect images
What you can do with photo editing software
Other elements needed in your digital dark room
Understanding DPI and resolution
What to know before you start editing
Picture orientation
Altering brightness and contrast
Hue and saturation
Red eye
Printing and saving

The importance of creating a brand
How to present yourself to clients
Creating sample albums and porfolios
How to conduct an interview with potential customers

Preparing for a wedding
What equipment you'll need
How to photograph the ceremony
How to photograph the reception
Important moments to remember
Technical tips for wedding photography

Preparing your images

Digital presentations
Editing your photos
Creating an ordering system

The importance of having a digital presence

Why you should build a website, and how to do it
The benefits of a photo blog and how it works
Using social networks to establish your business
How to protect your images for display on the internet.


There are limited places for this training and mentoring programme if you are interested and serious about your future please get in touch using the contact form,  be sure to include a telephone number and best time of day to call.



How much will it cost?

I charge a simple fee of £30 for the first hour of a session and then £25 per hour after that.

Where will the learning take place?

This can vary according to what is being taught. We can be at my location, at a wedding venue, or even at a real wedding.

Will I get a qualification?

No. this course is designed to set yourself up in business, and to start earning money.

How many lessons will I need?

This varies for each candidate, maybe you will need a few hours to get you up and running, for other people it may be a long term learning strategy that is better suited over 6 months or a year.

Do I attend a lesson every week?

During your initial consultation we will build a plan to suit your requirements. Regular lessons are recommended to keep you on track to reach your goals. This may be weekly lessons, fortnightly or monthly. 

What if I don't want to become a wedding photographer but just want some training?

Thats fine, my training can be tailored to suit your requirements.